What else could it be but Suez Canal, Covid and Brexit.

The combination of all three has left some sectors very much behind on production, after all you can't make Iron Ore whilst working from home and with an average of 6 months away for industry, things are, to say the least, a few months behind schedule.

The answer is not a simple one and it is going to and is testing our patience but there is some comfort in that everyone is getting the same cold shoulder and suppliers are doing whatever they can to get products on shelves or in our case, Motorcycles in showrooms. We have almost two dozen bikes ordered and pending. This has become apparent across the sector with the price of second hand bikes sky rocketing.

As a keen second hand motorbike, van and car buyer I've come to learn a few things about buying second hand. Firstly, you are buying someone else's problems. An older machine, no matter the age will need upkeep and if you are lucky enough to have found your motorised soul mate you are well aware that everything needs replaced or at least some attention at some stage which actually makes a slightly older machine a better option because at least that part has had to be replaced, that clutch, that timing belt, that gasket, those brakes, that shock, I can hear the money falling out of my account as we speak. But in other ways it is the environmentally friendly way to operate, not creating a new machine every time, buying with a warranty (if you don't read the warranty you don't know if it is worth the paper it is printed on), finding out a little bit more about the item and then factoring into the price some of what you paid for potential repairs and certainly a service is essential, it might even be a requirement in the warranty, and if that is the case why not speak to a your mechanical technician to see what they think about your proposed purchase, or, just bid away on that ebay and tomorrow be damned.

Life is for living and style is a valuable commodity that should be indulged.

Until this year catches up with itself we all have a much lower threshold for entertainment, the other day I had a sandwhich from a traditional grocers in Downpatrick and it was very good, better than the surly garage sandwhich I got on the way back from an MOT the day before, sweet chilli chicken never tasted so bad. My ham, cheese and onion baguette from Hanlons made it all better. Viva la luncheon!

The slick lines of Husqvarna are backed up with tenacity and torque. It's light weight is ideal for really moving and sticking.