Motorcycle Dealership Northern Ireland

How to ride a Motorcycle in Northern Ireland?

It's maybe crossed your mind.

Could I get a motorcycle?  The answer is invariably yes you can.

The process for getting one has a few steps to it, you need to have a provisional licence or a drivers licence for a car or other vehicle to be eligible to start your training.  If you look on the back of your driving licence there will be a clear indication, if you haven't completed a test then you will need some training.

When you go to a motorcycle instructor, the first thing you do is learn the basics.  You won't be allowed out on the road until you have got that, things like starting the motorcycle or scooter, putting it in gear, using the throttle and the brakes and making sure you understand the rules of the road for Northern Ireland, then you will do what is called a Compulsary Basic Training (CBT - not to be confused with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which then means you can get a learner L plate for your motorcycle and get insurance and go out on the road yourself.

You will only be able to ride a two wheeled vehicle with a maximum of 11kw power output which is what all 125 cc motorcycles and scooters adhere to, if you are sixteen years old and you want to get on the road sooner then you can get a 50cc scooter which has a lower power output but gets you started and gives you some independance. 

Lexmoto LXR 125 Euro Sports Bike

Echo 50cc Lexmoto Scooter

Two different types of motorcycles and scooters that you can get some experience with, these are good quality, come with a two year warranty, have spare parts available if you ever need them (not all motorcycles provided this afterservice which makes more of a disposable purchase) and then you just need a motorcycle helmet, some motorcycle gloves, pair of motorcycle boots or shoes or trainers and a motorcycle jacket to protect you and give you the confidence you need on the road and the presence for other drivers to let them know that you mean business.



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