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Five Motorcycle Types- Which one suits you?

When you start to see the fun that those on two wheels are having you realise that there are a lot of shapes and styles of motorbikes out there.

Here's a break down of some of the Motorcycle styles that dealers in Northern Ireland have been selling for years and some that aren't as common.

1/.  The American Cruiser

Maybe some of the most famous motorbikes to a lay person are the American Cruisers with Harley Davidson motorcycles being the most famous.  The American brand is world famous and there are plenty of other brands that enjoy the design and are loved of riders all over the world.  They're big bikes, they make a big statement and they can be costly to run but they are unforgettable and loved by a huge following of enthusiasts.

2/.  The Adventure Tourer

Comfort is safety and that doesn't mean an armchair with wheels though some motorcycles have very comfortable set ups, but the adventure tourer is set up so that it can be ridden for long periods of time over a variety of terrain and almost every make of motorcycle now has a model in this style, even Harley.  We've just started to stock the Voge 500DSX which has plenty of poke, superd handling style and also looks the part all day long, not only that but it gets 80mpg which is fast becoming a big selling point for any mode of transport.

Motorcycle Dealership Northern Ireland Voge Lexmoto 500 dsx

3/.  Sports Style

With the tucked position and the fairings set up for minimum drag, torque engines and superb cornering sports race motorbikes have been around for quite some time and they are no stranger to the enthusiasts and competitors in Mid Ulster.  With legendary riders from across the province setting the barr for road racing the sports style motorcycles come in a variety of sizes from 125cc upwards.  Not all sports style or street style motorbikes have the same tucked position where the rider leans over the tank so that they are in the bubble that the air flows over their head reducing air resistance, this can be quite a physical sitting position and the lower back can sometimes get a bit strained but some are a bit more comfortable with a more upright riding position than the hardcore sports style bike such as the LXR or LXS.

Motorcycle Dealership Northern Ireland Mid Ulster


4/.  Naked Bike

This is a more cut back style of motorcycle with an upright sitting position which allows for a better view of the road as well as reducing the fairings on the bike an enabling the engine to be viewed as well as some edgy design styles. These bikes tend to have quite a short wheel base which aids for their handling and user friendly but fast abilities.  An example of this would be the Lexmoto LSN Motorcycle.

Motorcycle Dealership Northern Ireland

5/.  Stunt Bikes

These are smaller looking but still reasonable large motorcycles that someone 6ft can still feel comfortable on but a shorter rider can also be happy to use.  These have traditionally been petrol engines but now with the new era of electric motorcycles they are increasingly becoming electric and instead of the fuel tank there is a glove box that holds the portable charger so that you can plug it in anywhere that you go and still be able to get the distance you want, the benefit of this is the extra torque that the engine provides as well as the auto gearing set up, with electric engines this is almost always standard.

Motorcycle Dealership Northern Ireland stunt bike


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