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Petrol Prices Northern Ireland - MPG

Fuel prices are starting to stabilise but it wasn't that long since it was £2 a litre.

The miles per gallon of a vehicle is becoming an increasingly important factor when choosing a vehicle and when looking at whether the journey is even necessary.

There are some good price comparison fuel websites out there that can help you to get the best price but of course it's sometimes best to buy quality rather than the cheapest and if you ever did have some less than quality fuel you at least can go to the retailer if you know where it was that you got it.


Let's unpack some of the maths behind the miles per gallon since we don't tend to use gallons as much anymore.

A gallon is the same as 4.54 litres  so if petrol was £2 a litre then a gallon is basically £9 per gallon.  If your vehicle gets 9 miles per gallon or 9mpg then it costs £1 mile.  Of course this doesn't take into consideration the running costs of the vehicle which would generally speaking be a little more, since they would include, insurance, road tax, maintenance and MOT fees as well as anything else that you have to spend.  Anyone who has a motorised vehicle knows that they are expensive to maintain but are a necessary part of modern life.

Despair not, imagine if you had a 1300hp jet powered tank that did a wopping 3 gallons per mile, that is one thirsty fellow, which is why it isn't always feasible to send such big tanks into battle without the correct fuel supply line.  You've heard of electric cars and their battery anxiety, imagine cruising down a Ukranian road at 45mph in your American jet powered tank and realise that you have just used 45 gallons of diesel in the last 20 minutes.

The good news is that the design and efficiency of 125 motorcycles is coming on leaps and bounds.  The more efficient fuel injection 4 stroke 125 motorcycles of today are getting around 100mpg and even the modern 500cc adventure tourer motorcycles are getting 80mpg which is something to be very excited about.  Of course the electric motorcycles are getting an even more impressive mpg equivalent but they are a different category of transport and not always as handy for longer journeys.

The 50cc scooters are getting up 141mpg which is an incredible amount of fuel efficiency.

Here are some of our top picks for wallet saving rides.

Voge 500 - 80mpg

Michigan 125 - 105mpg

Echo+ 50cc - 141mpg.

The running costs of a new vehicle are a lot less than an older one since the warranty covers any issues and the parts are all new.


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