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Mid Ulster Motorcycles

Motorcycle Inspection Report - Northern Ireland

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Mid Ulster Motorcycles can provide to a prospective purchaser a pre-purchase inspection report to give the buyer who may not have had seen the motorcycle first hand.

This is not a warranty of the reliability of a motorcycle but an informed inspection checking over a motorcycle for basic safety, wear and tear, tell tale signs of any potential issues and other background information, a test ride may be possible at our discretion.

Motorcycles should be brought to our Premises at an arranged time for inspection and payment for an inspection should be made prior to inspection.   Inspection of the motorcycle at a different location may be possible with an additional fee depending on convenience of location for inspection, inspections preferred at our workshop with access to tools and ramps.

Feeback for the motorcycle will be made to the proposed purchaser as soon as the inspection has been carried out and can be written, verbal, walk around video etc.