Premum Valet & Winter Preparation

Keeping your machine in good condition is a constant process, to maintain the machine and to prevent the elements is ongoing.

We have recently opened up the possibility to restore your motorcycle to it’s former glory, whether that is a thorough professional clean and valet or a recondition of the wheels, fairings and frame to preparing it for the glory of winter travel on the salty roads.  We can provide this service to any level and price.  We also offer pick up and drop off throughout the province for a modest fee.  As we all know motorbikes are the optimum way from A to B but the upkeep can sometimes bring logistical challenges when a busy work / life schedule is brought into the mix. 


We are more than happy to help with this to bring you more of the pleasure and convenience of optimal parking, natural social distancing, traffic resilient enjoyable travel.  Big fans of everyday use of our own machines there is always a practical, reasonably priced and convenient option out there to keep you on the road and we take pride in being able to provide that service to our customers.  Your pride and joy is our honour to keep pride of place. 

We can prepare your motorcycle, whether Sports Tourer, Roadsters, Trial Bike, Executive Scooter, Quad, Trike (off season preferred due to their space requirements), Vintage Vespa or workhorse to the optimal visual standard as well as reducing the inevitable corrosion from use.  Our dedication to the visual preservation will ensure that value is retained and enhanced.

By understanding the mechanics, paint, make up and corrosion prevention techniques using a combination of experience, care precision and the application of the best products your riding experience can not only be mechanically optimal but also gleaning in the face of Carrickfergus road salt, a much appreciated winter road application.

Wide range of professional cleaning products for sale.